• M series high preci

    M series high precision ball screw elevator

    Introduction: M series high-precision ball screw lifter can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and health and other industries. It can accurately control and adjust the lifting or propulsion height according to certain procedures, and can be directly driven by motor or other power, or manually. The screw lifter is a basic lifting and hoisting component. The bearing capacity is 2.5-120t. The utility model has the characteristics of

  • BL electric roller

    BL electric roller

    This electric roller type can still be installed to obtain the required torque when the space is extremely limited. With high alloy steel fine grinding gear and planetary transmission structure as the main design, it has many advantages, such as reliable performance, maintenance free, oil free, suitable for small installation space, etc.

  • P series high preci

    P series high precision planetary reducer

    Servo planetary reducer is another name for planetary reducer in the industry. Its main transmission structure is: planetary gear, sun gear and inner gear ring. Compared with other reducers, the servo planetary reducer has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision (within 1 point for a single stage), high transmission efficiency (97%-98% for a single stage), high torque / volume ratio, lifelong maintenance free, etc. Most of them are installed on stepping motor and servo motor to redu

  • T series steering b

    T series steering box

    Overview of T series gear steering box: gear steering box, also known as commutator and steering gear, is a power transmission mechanism and a series of reducers, which is widely used in the industrial field. The steering box has been standardized and diversified. The steering box can be operated in both positive and negative directions, and the low-speed or high-speed transmission is stable. When the speed ratio of the steering box is not 1:1, the horizontal axis input and vertical axis output are deceleration, and the vertical axis input and horizontal axis output are acceleration.

  • Ara series steering

    Ara series steering box

    Technical parameters: Power: 0.018kw ~ 4.94kw torque: 6.95 ~ 46.8nm transmission ratio: 1:1, 2:1 gear: the gear is made of high-quality and high-purity diamond 20CrMnTiH carburizing, quenching and grinding; The steering box shell is made of aluminum alloy; Main shaft: the shaft adopts alloy steel for conditioning and high suspended load capacity; Bearing: Bearing with heavy load capacity; Oil seal: oil seal with double sealing lips, capable of preventing dust and oil leakage; Lubrication: the use of proper lubricating oil can give play to the efficiency of the steering gear and improve its operation life.

  • HD series steering

    HD series steering box

    HD series bevel gear steering box introduction: HD series bevel gear steering box is also called SP series bevel gear commutator. The box body is designed scientifically, and the positive hexahedron is suitable for installation in different directions, which facilitates the use and installation of customers; Hd/sp series gear boxes are made of high-quality low-carbon alloy structural steel. After carbon quenching heat treatment, grinding and running in, the hard tooth surface closed transmission with high precision is realized. The scientific design scheme and high-quality production materials make hd/sp series steering box have strong bearing capacity, low noise and stable transmission.

  • MB Series stepless

    MB Series stepless reducer

    Product features: after years of practical use, MB stepless variable speed machine has proved to have a unique style among many stepless variable speed machine families. Due to its design structure, convenient operation, stable transmission and other characteristics, this series of products are widely used in food machinery, printing, paper machinery, rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery Pharmaceutical machinery and various working production lines require variable process parameters and continuous changes in speed. They also have the ability to explore the working speed of the machine during the trial production of new products.

  • KK linear module